and they lived happily ever after

 Capturing the real unforgettable moments on your wedding day

Throughout your wedding planning, I want to not only be your photographer, but your friend as well. My main goal is to provide you with incredible experience, and photographs you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Frederick Maryland Photographer
Maryland Wedding Photographer
Jessi Vaughn Photography

Creative, Real & Bold Wedding Photography

"Let me just start by saying, Jessi is amazing! Not only as a photographer, but as an overall person. From the beginning, she was so easy to communicate with and gave great feedback in regard to the many questions us brides have throughout the wedding planning process. And of course all her pictures came out beautiful! But she is also fun, down to earth, and makes you feel at ease while she does her job. She will have your back and listen to your wants & needs so she can capture it all - Jessi is a gem and I recommend her to any other couple!"


Wedding Collections

starting at $3200

Interested in pricing? Please fill out the contact form and I will send the pricing guide right over. 

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Dulanys Overlook

Gramercy Mansion

Bohemia River Overlook

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Walkersville Overlook



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Glam Bridal Beauty

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Up do's for I do's

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Make up

Glam Bridal Beauty

Amanda Merrell Beauty

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Empowered by Amola 



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